From professional athletes to traumatic brain injury specialists, to parents of young athletes, it’s two thumbs up for Sports Shieldz skull caps. Here’s what some of our users have said:

The first thing that came to mind when I first saw Sport Shieldz was, “I wish I had this when I played”….anything that adds a little more padded protection, makes sense. My 8th grader wears his all the time. Love it!
– Mark Cooper, Former NFL Lineman for Denver Broncos and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I have reviewed the safety test info and seen a live demonstration. As a pediatric psychologist, I was blown away by this product’s ability to help in the prevention of head injuries. I bought one for my whole family. It has helped my 1-year-old with his many head bumps.

– Stephanie Crawford-Goetz, Ph.D., Steps Psychology. stepspsych.com

As a parent of a 9 year old who is insistent on playing football, my husband and I have been very leery of allowing him to play because of the head trauma that can cause permanent damage.My son was given a skull cap as a birthday present and used it in lacrosse. He wore it underneath his helmet. Even though lacrosse is not as physical of a sport, it did give me peace of mind knowing that he had one extra layer of protection. Because of the skull cap, we are allowing our son to play football now. I’m confident with Sport Shieldz technology that this will help reduce any serious head trauma. (My son also likes to wear it around the house because he looks cool in it!)”

-Christy M.

The Sport Shieldz is my preferred lightweight head protection when I ride my 2003 100th Anniversary Harley Davidson Heritage Softail motorcycle. The skull cap fits perfectly and snugly on my head, not distracting me like my leather tie-on do-rag does when it wants to blow off in a 75 mph wind on the highway. The material instantly absorbs the impacts from all the gravel that gets kicked up from vehicles in front of me (and large bugs that would otherwise draw blood from impact with my bald head). The material keeps my head warm in cooler temperatures, and wicks away sweat when it gets hot outside. The additional protection Sport Shieldz offers me when I wear it under my helmet gives me an even greater sense of security, knowing that my helmet is designed to fail upon impact.”
– Art N.

My 11 year old has a skull cap that he wears under his helmet when he snowboards. With him learning this sport and trying various tricks it make me feel more comfortable knowing that if he falls that the impact can be less severe with him using the skull cap.  He also loves just looking cool in it when he takes off his helmet.  I love this product and hope that many other kids find out about the benefits of wearing the skull cap with all types of sports.

– Lynn K.

As Behavior Specialists, for one of the largest school districts in the state, our team is always looking to find innovative ways to help our most challenging students. We can not thank you enough for your time and expertise yesterday. Your product has so many benefits and applications for our students! For students who are medically fragile and need protection when in more unstable environments, to students in special needs participating in Unified Sports the use of Sport Shieldz across settings will be a tremendous benefit!
– Keith Sousa, MA, CAS
Douglas County School District, Colorado
Licensed School Psychologist/Registered Psychotherapist

The Sport Shieldz Caps make me feel safer. Every one that has had concussion know how it feels, you can’t race for a week and it’s painful!
The Sport Shieldz Caps are no hassle to use under the helmet, so why not be more safe and use them. That’s what I think.

– Claus Vissing
International Motorcycle Speedway Rider

Several weeks ago I purchased the Sport Shieldz All Pro beanie for my 11-year-old son who plays travel ice hockey. After a couple days he got used to wearing the beanie under his helmet, and it quickly became just another piece of his gear that he puts on without second thought. Over the last couple weeks he took a few hard collisions and head bumps without any problems, and I honestly wasn’t sure whether the beanie helped or not; I was just happy that he wasn’t hurt and didn’t give it further consideration. Then during a game this past weekend he was tripped while skating along the boards, up-ended, and landed heavily on the left side of his head and shoulders. The sound of his helmet hitting the ice silenced the entire rink. It took a couple minutes before he was able to stand up, and immediately he complained of headache and nausea. We took him to our Sports Medicine doctor for an ImPACT baseline comparison and a battery of balance tests…and his results showed no indication of concussion! The doctor prescribed a mild concussion treatment protocol for the next several days as a precaution, but frankly I’m amazed at the diagnosis. I’m also absolutely convinced his Sport Shieldz beanie absorbed the brunt of that ugly impact and reduced what could’ve been a moderate or severe concussion into a throbbing headache. I understand that there are many factors that play into concussion severity, but short of replicating my son’s incident for a formal impact study, I have nothing more than my engineer’s logic and your research to back me up against a skeptical doctor. Thank you for your product…I know it helped!
– Duane