Test Data

Test Data

NEW: Snell Memorial Foundation Test Results

We recently had the Snell Memorial Foundation run over 50 impact tests on our Sport Shieldz cap. This research included both tests with the skull cap as a stand alone, and the skull cap underneath a motorcycle helmet. The following are some key takeaways from their report.

  • “The cap condition yielded a 23 G reduction in peak shock.”
  • “A third series of tests were performed in which the back of the head form was impacted against the one inch domed MEP with and without the cap. For these drops, the cap condition yielded a 34 G reduction in peak shock.”
  • “The addition of a cap might actually improve helmet fit as well as comfort and maybe also provide a little additional impact management.”
  • “The single sample of cap appeared to hold up remarkably well over a series of more than fifty impacts.”

To get the full report from Snell Memorial Foundation, click the button below.

NEW: Applied Technical Services Inc. Test Results

Take a look at this full report based on test data compiled by Applied Technical Services Inc.

ICS Laboratories, Inc. Test Results

We had rigorous lab tests performed on our caps by an independent lab* to measure their performance when under the stress of an impact.

The levels of impact were measured in three areas: Severity Index, Peak G and Force. Severity Index refers to the acceleration of the head. Peak G refers to the highest level of gravitational force, and Force measures the amount of energy coming at the head.

We tested the amount of impact that a head would receive when wearing a Sport Shieldz padded cap as opposed to the level of impact it would absorb with no head protection at all. The tests showed a considerable reduction in all three areas, Severity Index, Peak G and Force. You can see the complete test results here.

*Tests were performed by ICS Laboratories, Inc., a leader in assessment services for personal protective equipment. See the test results.

Test Data