Sport Shieldz Head Protection for Baseball

Head Protection In Baseball

Baseball is known as “Americas favorite past time”, but sometimes baseball can get a little dangerous. Blows to the head are common in baseball. In fact baseball and softball are located in the top ten of the list of sports that report head related injuries.

Sport Shieldz may be a welcome addition to you athletes baseball gear.Because of it fit, it will fit snuggly under a baseball helmet or a baseball cap. Because baseball is typically played in Spring, Summer and Fall, which tends to be the hotter months, its recommended, your athlete remove his or hers Sport Shieldz from time to time, to ensure he or she doesn’t overheat.

Although Sport Shieldz products have shown a reduction of the Severity Index, Peak G and Force Improvement in the majority of evaluations, because of the large number of helmet manufactures combined with the large number of styles to choose from, It is the recommendation of Sport Shieldz Inc. that the purchaser, owner and or user of any helmet, adhere to any warning labels or user instructions written and defined by the helmets manufacture. If choosing to wear a Sport Shieldz product with any helmet, it is also recommended the individual get in contact with the helmet manufacturer to make certain Sport Shieldz will not decrease (or alter) the protective characteristics of that particular helmet. Sport Shieldz applauds all helmet manufactures for their research and their efforts to make all sports safer for everyone.

Sport Shieldz recognizes the importance of a proper fit helmet. Proper fitting is essential in providing the protection for which it is designed. Improper fitting can result in serious injury or death to the wearer and Sport Shieldz disclaims any liability for the improper fitting of all helmets. Players must be made aware of the importance of the proper fit so they can achieve optimum performance.