How Hockey Skull Caps Can Increase Head Safety

hockey skull caps

According to Dr. Duma, head of the biomedical engineering department at Virginia Tech, after football, hockey is the highest producer of concussions in sports. With all of the increased attention to concussion watch in the NFL, it is no surprise that researchers have started to look to other sports to examine the true impact of head injury as well.

Given that the chance of sustaining an injury can occur in several methods, it is becoming increasingly important to make sure a player is protected for each and every one of them. A player’s level of engagement; including their position and proclivity towards violence on the rink, as well as their equipment and history with injury can all impact their safety.

A head injury can occur even if a player does not lose consciousness. So, players, coaches and parents should be hyper-aware of the signs of head injury for those times when the more obvious symptoms are not present.

Bringing the Hockey Helmet Up to Speed

The first step in prevention and protection safety starts with the helmet, of course. Based on the results from tests conducted on protective hockey gear in simulated game environments, these Virginia Tech researchers were able to come up with some great information that can and has improved helmet safety for the sport.

This research was compiled into a mechanism in the form of a 5-point rating scale known as the STAR system. The STAR system was employed for football in 2011, but the scale is a new method being employed for hockey. The hope is that this rating system will hold manufacturers accountable for producing high-quality, safety helmets specifically for the sport.

How Sport Shieldz Hockey Skull Caps Can Help

Sport Shieldz has also conducted research with the help of third party foundations to simulate the possible impact to a head during a high impact and action games. Testing our skull caps alone and with a helmet, we were able to come up with some helpful data for head injury prevention and safety.

Sport Shieldz products have shown a reduction of the Severity Index, Peak G and Force Improvement in the majority of our evaluations when used alongside a helmet. However, due to the large number of helmet manufactures combined with the large number of styles to choose from, we still recommend that the user of a helmet also follow all warning labels and directions defined by the helmets manufacturer.

For Sport Shieldz, the importance of a properly fitting helmet is essential and foremost in providing adequate protection. Our skull caps add that extra layer to a helmet to provide a better fit for increased protection. Along with that better fit, our skull caps also offer an added layer of protection against head injury.

If choosing to wear a Sport Shieldz product with any helmet, it is also recommended the individual get in contact with the helmet manufacturer to make certain Sport Shieldz will not alter the protective characteristics of that particular helmet. Sport Shieldz applauds the hockey helmet manufactures for their research and their efforts to make the sport of hockey safer for everyone.

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