Why Should I Wear a Sports Shieldz cap?

There are 3 reasons you should invest in a Sports Shieldz cap:

    • Comfort & Fit

Helmets are all shaped pretty similarly, but head sizes and shapes vary widely. While helmets can be uncomfortable, athletes usually just learn to live with the ill fitting head wear because many sports require them. Sport Shieldz caps contour to your head so they can create a more comfortable experience. And a more snug fit, can actually augment the protective characteristics of a helmet.
Every helmet is designed differently, so we recommend contacting the helmet manufacturer to be certain that wearing a Sport Shieldz cap underneath it will not decrease (or alter) the protective characteristics of that particular helmet.


  • Warmth


Sport Shieldz may also add an extra layer of warmth for those activities performed in colder environments.


  • Protection


Sport Shieldz also adds an extra layer padding to help reduce the amount of g–force which would have normally reached the skull upon impact.

Can Sport Shieldz be used for activities which do not require a helmet?

It’s true that not every sport requires head protection, but there are many activities that do carry real risks of head injuries. In fact, in the top 12 sports where head injuries occur, (Listed here) half of them don’t require helmets.

Using Sports Sheildz in these instances is a great option because in lab tests performed on both helmeted head forms and bare head forms, Sports Shieldz decreased levels of impact on both bare heads and helmeted heads. (Degrees varied, so please read the test results)

We recommend an individual always wear some type of head protection when collision or impact is a possibility, including:

  • Flag football
  • Ice skating
  • Rugby
  • Wheelchair sports
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling
  • Martial arts
  • Cheerleading
  • Gymnastics practice
  • Toddlers
  • Anyone with a fall risk

Is there proof that Sports Shieldz would make a difference for my child?


We have had our products tested in two separate accredited, impact testing facilities using industry standard testing methods. Our caps have been proven to dissipate the g-force that would normally reach the skull from an impact.

Additionally, 3 Ph.D. Physicians, who specialize in Traumatic Brain Injury, reviewed our data and witnessed product impact demonstrations and were impressed with the product. You can read their testimonials here – Link to Testimonials page.

Adding a Sport Shieldz cap to your child’s sports life style would be a pro-active step you can take to reduce their risk of a head injury.

My child rides horses. Can Sports Shieldz be worn under a hunt cap?

Yes. Our “All Pro” model should work well as it leaves the ears exposed. We recommend wearing our caps for horseback riding as riding is one of the top 12 sports for head injuries.

Do Sport Shieldz only come in black?


Right now our entire inventory is black. Everything goes with black!

However, for orders of 50 units or more, we can manufacture them in the color of your choice. Contact us and we’ll make it happen for you.

Will wearing Sport Shieldz change the size helmet I need to wear?

The foam of the caps is 3mm thick and can help improve the fit and feel of a helmet. Many helmets are adjustable, so you should be able to adjust the helmet for the perfect fit. If the helmet is too small without the cap, try a larger size in the helmet. For helmets that are too big, adding a Sports Shieldz cap can make it fit more snugly. If you are shopping for helmets that should fit snugly and have no adjustment feature, it is recommended you first put on the Sport Shieldz cap and then fit the helmet.

Although Sport Shieldz products have shown a reduction of the Severity Index, Peak G and Force Improvement in the majority of evaluations, because of the large number of helmet manufactures combined with the large number of styles to choose from, It is the recommendation of Sport Shieldz Inc. that the purchaser, owner and or user of any helmet, adhere to any warning labels or user instructions written and defined by the helmets manufacture. If choosing to wear a Sport Shieldz product with any helmet, it is also recommended the individual get in contact with the helmet manufacturer to make certain Sport Shieldz will not decrease (or alter) the protective characteristics of that particular helmet.

Are Sport Shieldz breathable?

Yes. Sport Shieldz use Poron®XRD® technology which is an open cell material, which makes it inherently breathable.

Are Sport Shieldz machine washable?

Yes. Machine wash and hang to dry.

Does wearing a Sport Shieldz void the helmet warranty?

Sport Shieldz are not attached or inserted into a helmet. Based on NOCSAE standards Sport Shieldz does not void the helmet manufacturer’s warranty. We recommended that you contact the helmet manufacturer directly to make certain Sport Shieldz will not decrease (or alter) the protective characteristics of that particular helmet.

For more information on helmet standards, visit the The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) website.