Equestrian Sports Skull Caps: Why Use Them?

As investigation into the frequency and threat of brain injury in sports increases and gains public attention, researchers have started to turn their attention to non-contact sports as well. Does the threat of neurodegenerative disease from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) exist in sports and activities where no physical contact or high-impact occurs? It looks like […]

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Why Have Concussion Rates Doubled for U.S. Kids?

Even though parents and coaches understand the dangers of concussion in athletes, the concussion rates in young people doubled in the U.S. between 2007 and 2014. The risks of concussion didn’t become a much-spoken-about topic in homes across the country until the National Football League acknowledged “long-term concussion affects” in 2009. And families arguably didn’t […]

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Ice Skating Head Injury Prevention Tips

ice skating

Ice skating is a beautiful sport, but whether you are a seasoned pro or just a winter time enthusiast, it’s a sport that comes with risks of head injuries. According to The New York Times, during a fall, ice skaters, (as compared to roller skaters) are five times more likely to strike their heads. This […]

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Head Injury Prevention: The Evolution of the Ski and Snowboard Helmet

ski and snowboard helmet

The leaves are beginning to change and the temperatures are starting to drop. Bad news for keeping that summer tan, but great news for skiers and snowboarders. With winter sports season on the horizon, you are probably deciding which ski pass to purchase and also upgrading your wardrobe. We hope that you are also considering […]

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Follow These 7 Rules and Avoid Injuries

stretch and avoid injuries

When you’re giving it your all on the field, it’s inevitable that injuries will happen at some point. The more players on the field, the higher velocity the sport, the heavier the equipment that’s being used, all contribute to the risk of injuries. So while there is no 100% foolproof way of avoiding injuries, there […]

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