Baseball Skull Caps: A Home Run in Protection

baseballl skull capBaseball, America’s favorite pastime, is a game not without knuckle-biting innings that come down to the wire in high-intensity plays. Whether thrown from a pitcher at an average of 75 – 90 mph in youth sports (mid-90’s in professional leagues), or launched from the contact of a bat, sheer force can launch a baseball over the fence, into the waiting mit of an excited fan in the stands, or directly into a precarious line of fire for a player without proper head protection.

There is a reason why leagues around the world have started the discussion on further head protection in baseball in recent years, and today we are going to explore why it is a home run in protection to incorporate baseball skull caps on the field.

Head Injury in Baseball

Head injury in baseball and softball go back as far as the origins of the game. Whether it be an incident where a pitcher hits the batter, a line drive hits an infield player or coach, or even a member of the crowd is struck by a foul ball, the possibility of impact with a baseball at high velocity is always there when participating in a game.

While baseball is not at the top of the list for sports with the highest risk of head injury, it is in the top five. The real danger unique to baseball is that this risk of injury comes from collision with a ball that could be exceeding speeds of 80 to over 100 mph, making it very hard to react to the threat coming your way. In fact, according to an article by ESPN, “the two certainties for pitchers are that liners back at them can exceed 100 mph and that they might have only one-third of a second to react”. This means that while it is prudent to be reactive on the field, being proactive with the right (or additional) protection may be more effective in keeping yourself safe.

Adding Protection, Not Just for Batters

Getting hit by a pitch isn’t the only concern for baseball players on the field. As we mentioned earlier, pitchers are often placed in line drive fire when a ball comes off the bat. Many professional players have either experienced this first hand, or realized and to seek out additional head protection for baseball practice and games.

While leagues are beginning to explore what added head protection and precautions might mean for this great sport, there are no current regulations in place. This means that it is up to the player to take charge of their safety during the game.

Sport Shieldz Skull Caps for Baseball and Softball

Sport Shieldz skull caps are an impact reducing product to consider when looking for head protection in baseball and softball. Covering the entire skull (and down to the ears depending on the model), Sport Shieldz caps can be worn comfortably under a baseball cap and/or helmet.

Looking at our MVP skull cap, when worn by itself, this Sport Shieldz cap can reduce G force by 24%. This rate of reduction increases further when paired with a helmet. To learn more about the impact tests our Sport Shieldz caps have undergone and the positive results in increased head protection, click the button below.