About Us

About Us

Our Company

Sport Shieldz® is committed to developing quality head wear, and to educating parents and athletes on traumatic brain injuries and the importance of brain and head safety. Our team is dedicated to research and product development of cutting-edge, comfortable head safety gear because everyone should be able to enjoy an active, athletic lifestyle and feel safe doing so.

We believe that everyone, especially children and their parents, should understand the fundamentals of head safety, starting with wearing helmets and practicing proper activity techniques.

Sport Shieldz® remains committed to research and furthering advancements in head safety technology and to providing top quality safety products to our customers.

Our Products

We developed our skull caps using the most cutting-edge material and then put them through rigorous tests before making them available to the public.

Sport Shieldz® Protective Skull Caps not only look cool, but they provide an extra layer of impact-dissipating padding that reduces the amount of G force the head receives with a blow.